Apr 03, 2012

The cost of fuel

Unfortunately, fuel is needed to fly the airplane. When our business  started in January the cost of fuel was $5.90/gallon, and today it is $6.28/gallon.

In order to keep up with the always-changing price of fuel, RantzAir will have to change the rental rate on the airplane. Our plan is to change the rate monthly based on the cost of fuel.  At $5.90/gallon, we charge $99/hr, and we plan to raise the hourly rate by $1.00/hr for every 10-cent increase.  For $6.28/gallon, the rental rate would  increase to $103/hr.

Since RantzAir appreciate our customers, we are not going to raise rate until the beginning of May. Call Randy to schedule your flying time this month and enjoy a saving on us.

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