RantzAir is a Wenatchee Valley-based flight instruction and airplane rental company. We offer introductory flights for the interested student, along with single engine and twin engine flight instruction*.

Learning to fly is within the reach of anyone with the desire to learn and the commitment to work at it. When you fly with RantzAir, lessons are educational with an emphasis on safety. Our students will experience professional instruction that is relaxed — leaving you comfortable and wanting more.

We also provide biannual flight reviews, high performance endorsements and tail wheel endorsements*.

*In student pilot’s own plane

Learn more about our flight training and airplanes we have available to rent.

Prior to flying, Randy owned an auto repair shop in Cashmere, Washington.  In 1993, he received his private pilot license and discovered his love of flying.  He continued to learn all he could about airplanes and earned his instrument rating in 1997 and  his commercial license in 2005.  In 2007, he sold his auto repair business in order to pursue a new career in flight instruction.  In 2008, he became a certificated flight instructor and in 2010 added  a multi-engine instructor certificate.

Randy has been a flight instructor for 3-1/2 years for the Wenatchee Jet Center and when it closed he decided to launch his own flight instruction services for the Wenatchee Valley.


He has logged over 2,500 hours and finds teaching enjoyable and rewarding. Randy is committed to making sure every student completes their goals.