Flight Training

We like to start them young!

We like to start them young!


Our flight training varies from introductory flights for the interested student, to single engine and twin engine flight instruction*. We also provide biannual flight reviews, high performance endorsements, and tail wheel endorsements*.

*In student pilot’s own plane

RantzAir offers:
a professional instructor with an extensive range and depth of flying experience;
flight training for all types of pilots–from recreational, private, commercial, to flight instructor;
interactive ground school preparation that will prepare you for the written pilot’s examination; and
instrument flight instruction for pilots looking for more flexibility and training.


Current 2014 Prices:
Flight Instruction: $42.00/hr
Ground School: $25.00/hr

Estimated cost for Private Pilot’s license based on current prices (FAA minimum in parenthesis)

dual instruction (20 hrs – 40 hrs): $840- $1,680
152 plane rental (40 hrs – 60 hrs):  $4,600 – $6,900
20 hours ground instruction: $500
Supplies/Books: $100
Used headsets: $80
Medical exam: $100
Examiner fee (travel to Wenatchee): $600

Total estimated cost  $6,820 –  $9,960