Yesterday, there was a 7-year-old girl with her dad at the airport.  Her dad said she loves to come to the airport and just look a planes.  Randy asked if she would like to go up in our Cessna 152.  After a short discussion, her dad say okay. The joy on her face when they landed was priceless.  It made Randy’s day that he could make another person so happy about flying. That is why he loves being a flight instructor.

From “Flying Out of the Blue” blogFirst time I have had to do a BFR with a “stranger”  (It was kind of nice having my own FBO!). Fortunately Randy Rantz at Rantz Air in Wenatchee is no “stranger” to flying. He checked me out in his “orange pumpkin” 182. Apparently, I didn’t scare him too bad, because he signed me off to keep going. Randy has the 182, a 172, and a 152 and is an excellent instructor. Look him up if you want to do a little Eastern Washington flying. It’s beautiful terrain out here!

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